Tips for Writing Bullet Points for Amazon Products Increase Conversion

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Tips for Writing Bullet Points for Amazon Products Increase Conversion

As an Amazon seller, nothing is ever more satisfying than making a sale. One of the major keys for your products to get noticed on Amazon is through valid bullet points. Bullet points play a vital role in every customer’s decision in buying a product. It acts as a summary which customers can read upon looking at your product. While bullet points are your best asset into convincing a customer to purchase your product, you need to put considerable effort into creating it.


Having a good title and an enticing picture is a great initial step to have customers clicking on your product. Now, what you want to do is to keep customers going and eventually, or maybe even instantly, have them land on the final step which is checking out. This article will give you a rundown of all the things you need to know about writing bullet lists for Amazon products.


General Rules for Bullet Point Writing:


  1. You only get to put five bullets. Think of the five most important and enticing attributes your product has.
  2. Put your product’s best attribute as the first bullet. You want to impress the customers with each bullet point your product has. Thus, put the best one on top.
  3. Each bullet point is limited to 500 characters which are enough for you to fill each one with keywords. However, be sure that your product is applicable for every attributes you put. You don’t want to make your customers think that you are misleading them.
  4. Always begin with a capital letter for each point.
  5. No punctuation needed, but write sentences in fragments as much as possible.
  6. Include details such as color, material, shape, size and more relevant features. You may also include some advantages for specific details mentioned.
  7. Do not include pricing and other promotions on your bullets.


Tips in Optimizing Bullet Points

Now that you know the general rules in writing your Amazon product’s bullet points, it’s time you get to know some helpful techniques on how to effectively write Amazon bullet points. Here are three tips for optimizing Amazon product description based on an article from


Use Keywords Which Are Not Found in the Title.


Doing thorough research helps you get a lot of keywords to use in your listings. You should put your strongest keyword in the title. Have the leftovers be included in your bullet points.

Technically, your product’s bullet points do not do anything about Amazon’s search results ranking. However, some Amazon experts say that including keywords in your bullet points can somehow increase your product’s search result ranking.


Create Bullet Points That Can be Skimmed


Customers do not have the entire day to read a full article about why your product is worth purchasing. You want to keep your Amazon product’s bullet points short and sweet. Most customers only want to see the highlights. Below are examples of bullet points that can be skimmed:


  • MICROWAVE SAFE for more efficient use. Just remove the seal and put the tub in the oven.
  • RECYCLABLE MATERIAL which makes it eco-friendly. Can be used for storage to keep your things organized.
  • UNISEX perfect for men and women of all ages. Also, comes in various styles and sizes.

The best thing you can do to put emphasis on your chosen keywords is to capitalize them. By doing so, you are allowing customers to notice the important points in every bullet.


Provide Solutions to Your Client’s Concerns


As much as you want to put emphasis on the best features of your products through the bullet points, you must also think about what you can do to solve most customers’ problems. Your product might be a lifesaver for them. Your bullet points must not only focus on the product’s features but the benefits as well. Take a look at this example for a silicon mold baking ware:


  • MICROWAVE SAFE, making it easier to bake the batter and keeping the mold at the same time.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE, for fast and easy cleaning
  • NON-TOXIC MATERIAL made of 100% food grade silicone. FDA approved.


You must see to it that you still have your keywords included in each bullet point while you are providing solutions to your customers at the same time through the benefits.


Writing Excellent Amazon Bullet Points

Now that you’ve got some ideas about how to write your bullets like a pro, it wouldn’t hurt for you to get a few more tips on how to write Amazon bullet points effectively. The article “Four Traits to Writing Great Amazon Listings” – will give you some more helpful advice about the right attributes to portray when making your Amazon product’s content.




Your bullets should not only contain the right keywords and highlight your product’s best features but should also possess quality content. Have someone proofread your work for any grammatical corrections. Make enticing yet appropriate titles for your product.




You should NEVER fool your customers. Everything you incorporate in your bullet points must be true to your product. Never make false claims that your product does not possess. Customers can always post comments and ratings on your Amazon product page, and you have zero control on it.




If your product has any update or if there are any changes made, you should let your customers know by including it in the list. Make your listings understandable by a ninth grade. Avoid putting ambiguous terms and jargon as much as possible unless the product is targeted towards certain customers.




Include a hint of uniqueness in your content. This will make your product stand out among the rest. Possess originality and creativity but do not throw truthfulness out of the box. As much as you want your product to be one of a kind, you also don’t want to fool your customers.


There you have it! Those are the Amazon bullet points writing tips that you need to know to optimize your product list. Writing of bullet points for your Amazon products serves as a support only for its marketability. Customers will buy your products if it has proven itself on the market.


The very first step for a successful Amazon selling is making sure your products are of best quality. Customer’s ratings on your products are still the best to help push your product sales upward. Creating quality content for your product’s Amazon listing comes second.


Moreover, you can utilize Amazon Business Reports to keep track of your product’s conversion rate. This helps you analyze current statistics whether your product is competent enough or not. You can then make changes to your marketing plans or whatever action you think is needed.


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