Some Proven Tips – Remove Amazon Negative Feedback Permanently

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Some Proven Tips – Remove Amazon Negative Feedback Permanently

Feedback forms an integral role in building a successful business brand on Amazon. Happy customers are invaluable, and every positive review you receive will contribute towards growing your brand.

At times, however, a customer might be less than satisfied with the product they have received or the service you have provided. In these instances, they might leave negative feedback.

Negative feedback can be costly and can cause customers to lose trust in your brand. New customers may seek products elsewhere if they feel they will not get a quality product and service from you, harming your sales and business brand.

Understanding why you got negative feedback

There are three main reasons why you might have received negative feedback

A problem with the item – such as damaged of faulty goods, or a product which is not as described.

A problem with the order Late posting, items which don’t arrive, or slowness in responding to queries can all result in customer frustration and lead to negative feedback

A problem with your communication Lack of response or unprofessional language can seriously damage your business brand.

How can you remove Negative Amazon Feedback?

The simplest way to ensure you don’t receive negative feedback is to ensure your service quality is second to none.

However, at times you might find you run into issues with negative feedback which you dispute, or through unavoidable errors. Or you may not have given the best service possible.

So, what can you do?

Ask Amazon to Remove the Negative Feedback the Proven Tips.

Your first course of action would be to check if the negative feedback on your product is relevant. Feedback which includes profanities or consists of solely a review of the product, without reference to the service they received from you can be removed. In these cases, you can ask Amazon to remove the feedback.

Amazon will also remove negative feedback if you use FBA and the complaint relates entirely to their fulfillment process.

In addition, if the negative feedback relates solely to the price of the item, or contains any information which might be identifying – such as phone numbers or addresses – the feedback will be removed.

Ask the buyer to remove negative feedback

Communicating with your buyer to understand why they left negative feedback can be extremely helpful.  Messaging the customer to discuss their negative feedback, apologize and offer a solution might cause them to reconsider their feedback. You could offer a full or partial refund, or offer to replace a faulty item.

If the customer is satisfied with the outcome, you can ask for them to consider removing the negative feedback. Don’t ask for them to remove it in exchange for a refund. Amazon doesn’t allow this.

Proven tips Remove Third-Party Seller Feedback Permanently

So how to remove third-party seller feedback?

You can apply for remove third party seller feedback, That take 2 month to remove feedback permanently . Most of third-party seller feedback can’t be edited, only removed. Once you removed feedback for a third-party seller, you won’t be able to post any new feedback for that third-party seller about transaction.

To remove third-party seller feedback:

Go to Your Submitted Feedback .

Go to Your Account and click Seller Feedback Submitted by You under the Rationalization.

Click Remove link next to the feedback you would like to remove. If there is no Remove option next to a comment, the total 60-day removal period has expired.

Whilst negative feedback can be worrying, you can use it as an opportunity to learn and improve your brand. Use any negative feedback as a chance to think positively about how you can improve your performance or identify any issues with your product.

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