How Amazon Sellers Can Improve Product Photography – Easy Tips and Tricks

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How Amazon Sellers Can Improve Product Photography – Easy Tips and Tricks

For converting your potential customers to customers it is necessary that you have perfect images of the products. As an amazon seller, there are different ways through which you can bring a customer to your product page.


However, whether they will finally clock on the button, “add to cart” or not depends on upon what image have you uploaded there!


Thus, you should ensure that you have uploaded a high-quality image of the product that is a ‘silent salesman’ in itself. A bad image will not only affect your sales figure but will also hamper the conversion rates. If you have the high product listing conversion rate you can expect to have high ranked on Amazon. That means you cannot sacrifice your sales and overall turnover just because of certain images. Here are tips and tricks that will help you improve your product photography.


Tips and tricks for improving product photography

As you already know the importance of good photography for doing business through amazon, you cannot ignore the fact that you must not leave any chance that will make the images of bad quality. Remember that the image of the product will be zooming by your customer and thus it must be of highest resolution; say 1000 pixels by 500 pixels.


Get the right photography equipment

For taking the photographs of the product it is necessary that you have the right equipment. It, of course, starts with a good camera. A DSLR is affordable nowadays and you can have one. Apart from that, you must have a tripod where you will set the camera and lenses for taking better pictures.


Do not use wide angle lenses

You may find that some people suggest using wide angle lenses for product photography. Do not do that it will distort the images.


Set the right aperture

It is necessary to set the right aperture as if it is not set properly then the image will not have necessary depth. The crispiness of the image will be missing. With a wide aperture, the image may become out of focus and hence will be of no use.


Have perfect photography lighting

Lighting plays a major role when it comes photography and if it is product photography its importance increases. Whether you will have a soft lighting or a dazzling one will depend upon the product for which the shots are taken. Naturally, you will not set the same type of lighting for a diamond necklace and a pair of socks!


Select a background

The background plays a major role when it comes to product photography. You can have a white background, wooden background, or some fabric. Again the background must be chosen according to the product and the type of lighting that is used for the photography.


Maintain white balance

Most of the time you may not be able to maintain the white balance but it will ruin the image. So, ensure that you are maintaining the white balance of the images.


Pay attention to shadows

Sometimes while you set the image what you miss are the shadows of the products. They can actually ruin the images. Hence, it is important that you pay attention to the shadows and make sure that there are none.


Distinguish between main image and secondary image

Amazon will ask you to upload a main image of the product and then a secondary image. Normally customer looks at the main image properly, but you should not ignore the secondary image too. The secondary images will show the different aspect of the product that is pictured. So before you start shooting, consider the angles in which you will shoot the secondary images. It must be able to reflect the product qualities and features properly.


You may add features as secondary images

Although Amazon does not have any standard rule for the secondary images, yet apart from just clicking the product you can use pictures that will show the customer how to use the products. You may show the different sizes that will become a buying guide for the customers.



Use macro mode for tiny products

Sometimes you may be shooting some tiny product like a small earring. In such cases, you will find that there is the macro mode in the DSLR camera. Use it to shoot the image so that your customer can view the actual design vividly.


Edit the result

After you have captured the images successfully do not rush to post them on amazon site so that you can complete listing! Take your own time to edit the images. There are lots of things that can be edited using editing software and make the image look more alluring.


It’s all about creativeness

Whether you shoot a product or image photography is all about creativeness and you need to show that even as an Amazon seller. If you think that you will be unable to do that then you can seek help from some professional who will suggest you the best way to shoot the images that will attract your customers.

Before you start the shots decide what type of image you want to create in the mind of your customer and decide according to that. Like for kid’s sports car you will love some images that will show action and for some detergent powder, this action is not required at all.


If you are trying all this yourself you can change the settings of your DSLR camera to Automatic mode that will set up the right settings.


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