The 5 Golden Rules for Responding to Negative Reviews

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The 5 Golden Rules for Responding to Negative Reviews

Responding to negative reviews

is an important part of being a business owner. If you want to retain your customers for a long time, it takes a painful journey to respond even to their most unwanted feedbacks. Amazon is just one of the platforms where clients are not shy to voice out their concerns on a product they bought. Apparently, they share everything when they have to. In contrary, if they love your item or service, you will be more than pleased with their review, giving you a stream of interested customers in the future.

This is why it has always been imperative to handle a bad performance review carefully. You have to carry out everything with care. If you fail to do so, you will only make the current customer review worse. Clients tend to share their experience with your response to their peers, causing you loss in the long run.


Why Customer Satisfaction Is Important

 It is anticipated that you wonder why you have to study about the rules for responding to negative reviews when customer satisfaction is crucial. It is true that clients’ happy experience with your product or service is a means of establishing a long-term customer-seller relationship. However, there will always be a chance for you to encounter a bad review. As they say, you cannot please everybody, and the only step you have is to please as many as possible. Before going over the effective means to remove bad reviews, you should understand more on customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction generates a measure for businesses to enhance their products or services. Through surpassing a client’s preferences, a company will be able to formulate more ways to meet the standards of prospective customers in the future.  To further explain the value of customer satisfaction, here are reasons that justify your need to at least meet what your buyers need and want:


Repurchasing Intention.

Besides the idea of building a customer satisfaction foundation for loyalty, you should not take for granted the possibility of repurchasing in the future. A satisfied customer will likely purchase from you again in the future. If you receive a rating of seven or higher, this can be regarded as a satisfaction indicator. Your client will likely come back and look for items under your brand. Otherwise, if you get a review of nine or a perfect 10, you can consider the client a future advocate of your company to work with for a longer time.

If you fail to get either of the score ranges, you should consider it a warning implying that your customers are not glad about either your product or client service. Keep an eye on them, so you will decipher what caused them to give you a low rating.


Sustaining a Better Workflow.

In case you have learned about responding to negative reviews and keeping customers loyal, your business will achieve a better workflow. It may not be obvious, but the everyday operations of your online business mostly depend on your client’s satisfaction. You manage your store, post items, change prices, and introduce new offers for the sake of your customers. Customer satisfaction is a factor, to begin with to either change or improve something in your firm. There are cases that alterations may have to be done with your pricing strategies or product bundles for most of your clients suggested it.


Reigning Supreme.

There are rules for responding to customers and achieve their loyalty for this is your key to reigning supreme in the competition. Remember, your product description is not the best way of proving that your item is better than its rivals. Customer satisfaction is the key to showing buyers that your item is a must-buy. This is why on Amazon, there is nothing more important than getting more good than bad business reviews. You should put yourself in the shoes of clients. It is instinctive that you will scroll down for reviews instead of concentrating on the features of the product.

When you obtain a wider circle of satisfied customers, you will also develop an environment that most clients will like to stay in. Most of the time, buyers look for sellers that can offer them what they need or want continuously, instead to jump from one retailer to another.


Getting a Foundation for Price Increases.

If you will remember in the article entitled “How to Price Higher Without Sacrificing Sales,” it was mentioned that you have the edge to increase product value given you can offer a better customer service. Some companies remain unquestionable in increasing their item’s price for they offer a money back guarantee, great customer support, and even online assistance when technical problems arise. This only shows how important good customer treatment is.

If you are planning to increase the charges for your products, there is nothing better than starting with high-rated customer service. People tend to weigh price and customer service. There are cases that the clients are willing to pay more as long as they will be assisted by their product use. According to Accenture study in 2008, the main reason for poor customer satisfaction rate is not the price but service quality.


Saving More for the Future.

You tend to spend a lot when you lose clients. This is due to the implication of investing more to acquire new customers. It is also less costly to keep the buyers you already have. According to customer service professionals, you need to spend seven times more in clients acquisition than retention of loyal ones. This is a good reason for you to maximize your resources well in keeping your customers happy instead of trying to reach out to new



Five Golden Rules to Handle Negative Reviews Efficiently

If you want to attain means of handling even the worst reviews you will ever encounter, you should live by the five golden rules for dealing with these feedbacks. Other may not believe it, but even the best firms face customer issues worse than you have experienced.


1) Listen All the Way


The first way of responding reviews of disgruntled customers is to listen. There is nothing better than responding to negative reviews by understanding the whole picture of the issue. You have to hear what the client has to say. It is true that whenever clients explain their side, you often have the urge to cut in, but this will never be a solution. This will only result in consumers getting more dissatisfied with how you treat your customers.

If he or she has a problem with either your product or service, you should simply take note of the issue. After hearing, you have to repeat what he or she has said. In this way, you will already have a plus point in listening to what the client has to say. It must be a lesson to a retailer to reach out accordingly. This is regardless of your customer’s real intention – to only annoy or request a correction of your mistake.

Apart from listening to the problem of your client, you also have to reach out right after providing the solution. You should also check if your answer has been useful for their needs or wants. In this scenario, you would either get a nod or a satisfaction indicator with points of improvement to take note of.


2) Find the Best Course of Action Immediately

Not all retailers are aware of the rules for responding to customer feedbacks, which is why professional assistance has always been advised. If you are new to Amazon, there is nothing more preferable than asking someone to guide you in handling reviews, both good and bad. Experts in retailing have dealt with a variety of buyers, which you should be prepared for as well.

Another golden rule that you should learn in handling negative reviews is acting quickly. Once a client has left a poor rating for your product or service, you should manage this as soon as possible. Acting quickly begins with reviewing the feedback instantly. By doing so, you will be able to formulate best ways of solving the issue. If you can, you should have access to alerts notifying that your customers have left negative reviews.

Anywhere you may be, you will be able to inform your staff or team members to handle the issue on behalf of you. While not reaching your place, you will be able to visualize what course of action to take. It is utterly daunting at first to get an answer right away, but it is a must for late response leads to a more dissatisfied client.


3) Acknowledge and Empathize

Responding reviews of customers that have found your product or service unlikely or not recommendable must be paired with empathy. You should make your clients feel that they are being heard. It is probable that you have encountered the same fate previously. Ask yourself, have you purchased a product that led to you leaving the store for good? It certainly made you feel treated unfairly.

You must show your client that you feel the same way; somehow you were in his or her shoes. This will give you overcome frustrated feelings since your mindset will be similar to what your client is thinking about. You should not express negative emotions. The best thing to do is to keep calm. If you do not empathize, you will have a heated discussion with your client for certain.

Take note that what you say to your customers on Amazon can be seen by other buyers as well. By showing empathy, you can give the clients an indication that you worry about failing to meet their expectations. Empathy is also a way for you to give a hint of correcting your mistake if given a chance.


4) Offer a Feasible Solution

The solution part is not as difficult if you only consider yourself as a dissatisfied client. You have to think of answers that will make you feel alright after a mistake has been made to you. Talk is indeed cheap. Do not provide your clients a vague answer that your team still has to review the issue and will get back to them. Remember, they want an answer as early as now. The real solution is more than a set of words to apologize, but actions that will bring back their satisfaction level to a high level.

If the concern is about an item that does not work, then you should offer a refund or replacement. Either of the two, you should ask your customer. In case a substitute does not work, you can guarantee them a refund. If a refund is not possible, you can give them a change item option. In any way possible, always find a real solution that is not only confined to an apology but is tangible.

As a retailer, it is a hassle to offer a replacement or a refund. In such case, you may consider an extra accessory as a token of correcting the mishap. Discounts may also do good for your clients, particularly if your product did not exceed their expectations as guaranteed. This will somehow give them a mindset of still considering your service in the future.


5) See the Silver Lining

Not all bad reviews are proofs that your products or services are not at par. Be reminded that even the greatest products still receive dissatisfaction feedbacks. As noted, you cannot be the best for everyone. A client may not recommend your product for it does not fit him or her. Apparently, each person has a different set of preferences. This is an essential factor that explains the reality of selling online.

In case you received a bad review, do not consider it a failure, but a leeway to improve. It is your opportunity to stand up once again. You can even take this as a chance to build a better relationship with your future clients.

It sounds too easy, but difficult to carry out if it is your first time selling on Amazon. This is why expert assistance has always been open for your business to consider. If you need professional guide perfected for e-commerce retail, you may contact us for sales improvement free tips.



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