How to Get Good Amount of Positive Review on Amazon

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How to Get Good Amount of Positive Review on Amazon

Goods on Amazon with a lot of positive feedbacks are much more relevant than those without any reviews.  Amazon’s reviews are a very important trigger for your online business which helps customers to make the best purchasing decision.

Putting aside the general belief that the Amazon reviews are furnished or written by a marketing agency, there is no doubt that it has a very important role in deciding on the purchase which eventually brings the profit to the owner.


Review Example 

Customers generally believe more to recommendations from their friends and acquaintances more than paid advertisements and commercials, but consider reviews from the other customer.

Many entrepreneurs are still not considering the importance of the online reviews as a part of its identity on the Internet. There are many reasons, from those that they are simply not aware of what they can get from reviews and how to combine them to draw out the maximum benefit, to the fact that they are simply not interested in entering into the new, unfamiliar territory for them which are not yet ready to explore.

It also should be mentioned that reviews could be beneficial in the ranking on search engines because the more people write about you and your business, you will be at a better position on search results.

90% of buyers don’t leave the feedback, so take the initiative and ask the customer to leave a comment about your product. Important: buyers don’t like you to be offensive. If you asked once and you didn’t get an answer, switch to another buyer.

These few tips will help you to get positive reviews on Amazon of some of the Top amazon SEO service provider.

  1. Introduce yourself as honest seller

To minimize risks of a negative review, be honest and kind to the potential buyer: do not praise your product too much, no matter how good it is. It’s better to sell everyday goods which buyer will recognize as beyond expectations, than introducing your product as “a miracle”.

  1. Exchange your product for five-star review

If you ever read blogs on business you realized that this approach can give you at least one positive review. Namely, when you start your online business, you need to promote your product. It’s quite easy today because you have so many free options to do that. First, create a free website, there are so many free hosting websites. On the website, create a post with your product with a headline which says that you are giving it for free in exchange for a free review. In the same article, create “enter your email” field where you need to add a submit button that you should name it as “Get Free Code Now” or something similar. Then post the link your Facebook page to promote it and wait for the first customer.

  1. Ask your customers to leave feedback after the receipt of purchase.

How many customers gladly leave feedback? 10 percent. To correct this injustice, you can use the service FeedbackFive, set up automatic e-mail to customers with a request to leave a review. But the main thing is not to overdo it: remember, only 10 of a hundred people will leave a comment about the product. And it is impossible to break this tradition if you do not want to go under suspicion of Amazon Support.

  1. Choose a right time for the request

When the seller received some product, do not send the request immediately, because every buyer needs some time to gather its expressions. Also, do not send it too late because you can miss the specific time when the buyer’s excitement is at its best, especially if they bought the favorite item. So, if you want to bring out the best feedback, the timing is very important.

  1. Place a request for comments on social networks.

Does your store has a page on Facebook? In this case, you can post a request asking to give you a feedback about your product. Comments on Facebook will not negatively affect your sale on Amazon. If just three of ten people on Facebook rated your product with a low score, it is better to change something.

  1. Analyze reviews of similar products

Read what people write under your competitor’s products. To do this, you need to open a product that interests you, go to the section «customer reviews» – and see what it is that your competitor has and you don’t.

  1. Contact reviewer

Many popular reviewers have e-mail addresses listed in their profiles. If e-mail is not specified, try to find their account in social networks (Instagram, Facebook, etc). The next step – writing a letter. Specify the purpose of your request, explain that you want to send them a product that may be of interest to them. Point out that you’re hoping for an honest review of the product.

Be prepared that many people will not respond to your e-mail, and probably only a half of them will consider your offer. But if you are confident in the quality of your goods, and say thank you! It’s always nice for people to see a letter of thanks, and they will in return give you a positive review.

  1. Find the most active reviewers

Amazon is always ready to provide you with all the opportunities for work. Sale of goods? You are welcome! Do you need an objective analysis of your product? Amazon offers you another option to do that.

In «Top Ten Reviewers» you can find a list of active reviewers who are willing to give a feedback in return for the special price of your product.

It works simply: make a discount on goods (up to 95%), send a coupon offer to top reviewers, and wait for the feedback.

But you need to know that the answer will be honest and objective. If the reviewer thinks that your product quality is different from his expectations, you can get three or even two stars instead of five.

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