A Complete Guide About Amazon Product Ranking Algorithm

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A Complete Guide About Amazon Product Ranking Algorithm

If you are an e-marketer, one of your top goals is to get noticed on the internet. I’m pretty sure you are familiar with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Google, Bing, and Yahoo have their search result algorithms which determine the search results for a search query entered by a user. The same thing goes through Amazon.

Amazon ranking is a topic in the industry of e-business not many people are talking about. Many Amazon sellers are still unaware of the fact that Amazon product ranking algorithm does exist. This article will serve as your guide in understanding how Amazon search results are ranked.

Amazon Search Ranking Factors

The article “An SEO’s Advanced Guide to Top Rankings on Amazon” – SearchEngineJournal.com provides us a rundown of the basic factors that affects Amazon products’ search ranking. Knowing these factors will help you understand the importance of creating quality content for your products:


  • The Title


Your product’s title on Amazon is the most influencing factor for its ranking. Just like Google, Amazon product ranking algorithm is also profoundly affected by the title tag. A product title in Amazon is limited to only 500 characters which are long enough for you to incorporate your best keywords.


  • The Importance of 500 Character Title Limit


Having a 500 character limit for your Amazon product is already enough for you to include all your best keywords. According to Amazon.com; Help and Customer Service section, a product title must always start with the brand followed by its product name.

All other details such as quantity, color, model, size and so on may also be included in the title. Every product title plays a vital role in Amazon search results. Thus, make the most of the 500 characters given to you.


  • The Bullet Points


Bullet point lists are found below the product title. Although there is no certain proof yet as to whether bullet points affect Amazon algorithm or not, this part is still an important factor for conversion purposes.

Your bullet points serve as a summary of the product. It is where you persuade the customer by doling out a handful of features and benefits which your product possesses.


  • Product Description


The product description is found at the further bottom of the page. The product description is technically not a required field by Amazon. But at amazon seo field the description is very important for rank better on amazon, And also important for customer. Description page are provide all info about product.

However, there are some important details about a product that you cannot list in your bullet points. All the product’s relevant features are recommended to be written in the bullet points section. That way, those details are easily noticed by customers.


  • Amazon Keywords


If you have been a seller on Amazon for a while now, you will know that Amazon has a keyword field. This section is used for Amazon product ranking . This area is something you should seriously take because it gives you the chance to make your product’s way on the top list.

You may now be thinking, “If there is a keyword field, then what’s the purpose of having to worry about incorporating keywords in the product title?” Well, here’s what you have to know about how Amazon keyword field works:


  • You must not put the keywords you used in your title and bullet list in the keyword field. Amazon will just ignore it otherwise.


  • You have five keyword phrases to put in this field.
  • This section is ideal for keywords you struggle to include in the title or bullet points.

Keep in mind that those five factors will help you in creating the right content for your Amazon product. These are your best assets in making it to the top. Amazon product ranking algorithm is not something you can get an accurate manual of.

Considering these factors mentioned can at least help you understand how the search ranking thing works. Moreover, there are also other factors that affect Amazon products listing in the search results. Consider these four additional factors according to an article from RepricerExpress:


  1. Price – customers can use the filter on Amazon to search for particular products at certain price ranges. If you want to keep up with the competition, you better be nosy and look into your competitors’ price lists.
  2. Availability – this is where you look into the importance of demand. Having a lack of product supply may significantly affect your search ranking.
  3. Selection – if your product has multiple variations, then let your customers know by creating separate ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) for each variation. Having a good product selection is ideal for Amazon product ranking algorithm. Amazon tends to give priority to products with multiple selections as customers will likely find what they are looking.
  4. Sales – last but not the least, having a good number of sales is one of the best factors of ranking higher in Amazon’s search results. Products with more sales and ratings tend to get more views relevant to the customer’s search query.


There you go! Those are the things you need to know about how product ranking algorithm on Amazon works. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, your product’s quality is still your best asset in marketing your product. All of these points mentioned are pointless if the product you are selling is garbage. Put a lot more of your focus on the production process than on your product’s online content. If your product is fantastic (or terrible) enough, the word will eventually spread without you even knowing it.

Quick side notes: Amazon product ranking algorithm is always updating to boost customer’s search relevance.





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