The Amazon PPC Optimization Best Practices for Drive Targeted Traffic and More Sales

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The Amazon PPC Optimization Best Practices for Drive Targeted Traffic and More Sales

Amazon is known as one of the largest retailers in the world. Giving way to what it offers for you also provides you the chance to earn more. Even your grandparents know that Amazon is where you could buy stuff with the convenience of being home. In other words, every person in the world is aware of the e-commerce company. Thus, have you ever thought that it could be your means of unleashing more profits or higher search engine rank?


There are too many resources out there that website owners often neglect, including Amazon sponsored products (PPC) campaign. You are fortunate if you have come across this marketing solution previously, but chose to disregard it. This is because it did not change much compared to Bing and Google. Although having Amazon PPC Manager on your side could be embarrassing to tell other expert advertisers, it would still be accepted as means of getting a mere space in the world of considerable internet marketers.


Review on Amazon PPC Campaign

Before you even consider taking into account the Amazon sponsored products (PPC) campaign this time, you should be knowledgeable of its objectives and features. Through this, you would not be compromising the cost of time and effort in using it without maximizing what it could offer.


By definition, Amazon PPC Manager increases your chances of developing and sustaining a regularly thriving and earning business. It is designed to monitor the performance of your sponsored ad campaigns. To track and optimize is one way of finding out if you have chosen the wrong products or maybe your users do not find your chosen ads appealing. Amazon provides a PPC suite that will let you view your revenues, ad expense, impressions, orders, clicks, percentage of conversion, and top performing campaigns or products.



To provide you a detailed look on what Amazon PPC campaign suite could offer, here are its major features:

Keyword Tracking.

Besides the ability to track and optimize your campaign in general, you could make use of Amazon’s suite to improve your stand in the keyword research game. Primarily, you will be able to see large number of Amazon keywords, which specify the ones you have already used. You may even segregate the ones you have not utilized yet, so you could put it in your campaigns. These could all be done in a single button click.


Moreover, Amazon suite also gives way to pinpointing duplicate keywords. These are negative keywords that you could get rid of. At least, you will be able to identify relevant keywords only for your various campaigns.

Lastly, you will not only find it manageable to locate the most profit-generating keywords for your Amazon campaign, but also categorize them. You could conveniently match the phrases or words effectively.


Customer-Concentrated Campaign.

Though others do not find it reasonable to invest in the cost of an Amazon campaign, its solution for earning profits through ads could be greatly convincing. It has a feature known as Search Term Expansion. This gives you the chance to identify phrases or words right from the clients’ search terms. Apart from this, you could also identify if you have already used these search terms as keywords to your existing campaigns.


Profit Monitoring.

Since you will be able to identify the campaigns that bring more revenues to your company, you may now specify which are the ones to shut in the future. Amazon also has smart charts that will help you understand your campaigns’ performance by comparison. Apart from learning the keywords that bring in money, you will also get to know terms that may have lead to clicks but not to sales.


Budget Management.

If you have limited budget for your Amazon campaign, you do not have to worry a lot. You have the freedom to spend how much you can every day. It is also open for a monthly budget.  If you do not want to start bidding, there is also a way to set a zero budget daily. Amazon knows that you may be a beginner in optimizing your website, getting more traffic, and earnings profits. Through its suite, you can also get rid of the words or terms that drain your money excessively without leading to sales.


Organic Search Improvement.

Your visibility online is also a concern for an Amazon campaign. If you have not gotten an influx of clients through search engines, the PPC campaign will help you instead of settling to the traditional way of optimizing your campaigns. The optimization tools provided by Amazon helps you attain the most useful edge for future internet growth. The camping drive target traffic for bid amount. and listing are get quality traffic that increase the organic keyword search ranking position.


Getting the Right Keywords 

Since then, keywords are your golden nuggets to success. Even if you are talking about the conventional way of listing your site at the top of search engines, you need to identify relevant keywords to get your pages indexed and found. This is the same even if your campaigns are filled with products for sale links. Nonetheless, there is still learning to do in order to guarantee that you get the keywords right for every campaign


Run Same Products Automatically and Manually.

This is one of the most effective strategies that advertisers live by. Amazon’s automatic campaign will search for keywords automatically. The tests for these terms are also ongoing. Every time, you will get good performing keywords from the automatic campaign, which would then be pasted to your manual marketing.

As you run your manual campaigns, you will also be able to specify the profit-earning keywords. The big advantage is your capability to tweak the bids for every term. Simultaneous running of campaigns gives you the greatest pros from each type of optimization.


Set a Time frame for Keyword Analysis.

Experts recommend that the evaluation of search terms is done for at least 14 days. Fewer days than two weeks may not provide you an accurate picture of how effective a keyword gets clicks.


The assessment of keywords should not cover the past week.  Amazon commonly tallies click-originating buys in seven days. They still consider clicking away from your ad and purchasing a competitor’s item. Prior to starting your campaign, it is best to wait for around three weeks. The search terms or phrases must be analyzed in the initial 14 days.


Never Totally Rely on Automatic Campaign Keywords.
Amazon may be selecting the best performing keywords from automatic campaigns, but this does not mean you will be able to transfer these to your manual ones. You also have to select keywords based on different aspects, such as good conversions. As a recommendation, a good converting keyword has at least five clicks for 14 days. You can easily filter keywords through number of clicks for this matter.


Optimizing Your Amazon Sponsored Products

This is expectedly a long list of things to do, but it could ensure you more profits when done appropriately. Although you have a software to use, which could either be from Amazon or another developer, your strategy still matters a lot. Structuring your campaigns is still dependent on your consideration points. In order to help you begin your effective PPC campaign, keep in mind these things:


Use Automatic Campaigns Smartly.

You will be provided the choices of manual and automatic targeting with Amazon sponsored products. The major difference is that the former works based on the keywords you have provides. On the other hand, the latter campaign generates its list of keywords according to the categories and products available. Regardless of the cost, you will probably select automatic campaign.  However, you should not rely on it for sorting products.

You should only become dependent on it (not entirely) on discovering the words or phrases as best keywords for organic search. You may use it to check the performance of every keyword. This will also provide you an insight on search terms used by the customers.

Manual campaigns may be considered your older solution, but it provides a better control once you have relevant data.  It allows you to change or upgrade your keyword strategies based on performance. Unlike in automatic campaigns, it allows you to either add or remove keywords for optimization.

Automatic campaigns do not grant the user a capacity to match keywords.  Additionally, automatic campaign will not provide you the keywords matched with the terms used by customers. This is an ability you can get from manual campaign.

The drawback that you may encounter with manual campaign is that it is time consuming. But most likely, it will be worth the effort not only in terms of pinpointing negative keywords, but also in managing a large list of categories.


Develop a Consistent Organizational Structure.

You may structure your campaigns based on the categories of products, top-selling items, and brands among others. You must always remember that for every campaign, there must be a single structure to be used. Advertising products by category at once and another by top sellers may not be good for keyword research. You will end up with repeated terms to use.         If you will establish campaigns by product aspects, you should stick with it.


Learn Your Sales Cost.
You could not simply start bidding and anticipate the flow of sales instantly. You must also consider the budget-friendliness of your advertisements.  The term used by Amazon is advertising cost of sales, or ACoS. This implies to the sale percentage used on marketing. A lower value is more efficient since it either means you have bid at low amount or obtained clicks that converted to sales.

Obviously, if you want to increase your return of investment (ROI), you should set your ACoS at a considerable lower value than your altered gross margin. Otherwise, if you are only concerned on your visibility or organic search success, you have to sacrifice some of your revenues. There are cases that others even equally set their margins with their ACoS simply to gain traffic.


Set Match Types and Negative Keywords.
Whenever you list words or phrases for your Amazon sponsored products, you will have three match types to select from. Primarily, you have Broad, which allows your ad to be displayed based on the words used as search terms regardless of order or spelling. The second one is Exact, which lets your ad appear only when the customer query is exactly the same that is in singular or plural form. Lastly, Phrase is another match type that allows ad visibility when the search term used is in the same word order.


Negative keywords 

Could also be set if you want to limit the visibility of your ads based on search engine query. Under these are phrases and exact types. The former will exclude your ads when the search term has negative keywords. The latter will not make your ad visible if the search query exactly or somehow matches the negative keyword you set.


Take Advantage of Bid+
This is an addition to the tools from Amazon
. It is fully available and was released last year.  Whenever you activate this, you will be able to increase your bids by 50 percent automatically for every match of terms or phrases. However, you should be aware that Bid+ only works for a manual campaign. According to Amazon, it helps your items to rank higher in searches.

If you want to get to the first page of search results, the service will provide you the key. But still, it comes with extra costs.


Try Bidding on New Keywords
Although you are dealing with new keywords, it does not mean that you should prevent these and focus on high performing terms or phrases. It is relatively advised that you bid at a higher value for these new terms. Do you know that a higher bid price will grant clicks and impressions for the keywords? You do not have to be concerned about the investment since once a new keyword attains click history, its bid price can be reduced.

It is certain that Amazon sponsored products either for ROI or visibility could be very complicated. In each aspect, such as ACoS, bids, clicks, and keywords among others, you have to concentrate on applying the most effective strategies or meet up with professional ppc specialist . However, by following the aforementioned tips, you would have the competitiveness to get the most out of Amazon marketing.



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