Amazon Keyword Ranking: Top Seller Secret Strategies

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Amazon Keyword Ranking: Top Seller Secret Strategies

Amazon tools may be numerous, but your success still depends on how you use these applications effectively. Be reminded that there are changes with how customers search for products. There is also an alteration of the behavior of buyers, which you should take note of. If previously, Amazon sales rank is not a big issue for some, now it is for retailers. Just imagine that the e-commerce platform receives the volume of searches on Google thrice.


To win on the platform, you have to remember two things. First, you have to sell a highly useful product that can guarantee sales. Secondly, you need to have an optimized page for your item so that buyers will be able to locate it. Amazon optimization is best done with professionals, who are experts in keyword research and evaluating customers’ needs and wants. You can observe that Amazon keywords matter, similar to how relevant word or phrases work in optimizing your web pages for higher ranking on search engines.


However, you must take note that SEO Amazon is different from the optimization strategy on your frequently used search engines. Amazon keyword research often concentrates on the product category, types, color, and uses among others.


Why Amazon Keywords Matter?

Before understanding how Amazon ranking works with the help of keywords, you should familiarize yourself with the term. You will always encounter Amazon SEO service including careful keyword research. It is understandable that keywords have been trusted on increasing the ranking of websites worldwide. This goes the same way with Amazon products.


One reason will explain why – keywords are crucial to optimize Amazon listing for higher ranking and sales in the future. Keywords, to begin with, are very high priorities for optimizers of Amazon listings in a way that your products will not appear in search results without it. The algorithm of the platform is intended to discover the keyword. You cannot say that keyword is just a word for it is also a representation of a phrase that a visitor uses to search for a product. In other words, keywords can be considered equivalent to a search query.


Amazon keywords
The keywords help customers get to the platform’s landing page. For instance, you have used the keyword “LED lamps.” Amazon search engine will then generate all the products related to the keyword. However, with thousands of products on the e-commerce site, there should be a technique to learn in getting to the first page of results.


Amazon sales rank
Amazon Product Sales Rank focuses on prioritizing items with the largest sales or those that are tagged as bestsellers. However, even if your product is new on the list of stores, you can still put it at least on the front page by making your keywords utilization efficient. For instance, instead of applying the keyword “nursing shoes,” you should consider adding the color, such as “blue nursing shoes.” If a customer search using the similar query, he or she will indeed be directed to your product.

Apparently, if you do not optimize Amazon listing and make your product discover able, you will not earn any sales at all. You always have to apply keywords that point to your customers’ needs. However, the trick is, you have to predict somehow what search queries your clients will use.


Selecting the Right Keywords to Use

Amazon keyword research is available on the platform itself. The e-commerce site has its dedicated Amazon optimization support with its “search terms” section. Whatever you put in the fields given, the website will direct you to most important and related searches using your input. In every field, you will be provided a limit of 50 characters. You should use these characters with care to obtain the best terms for your listing.


Amazon tools are available, making a retailer think that selecting the right keywords is easy. Unfortunately, SEO Amazon is not. Some people will think that once you know your product to sell, you will simply think of phrases that describe it well. By typing in terms of the fields provided by Amazon, the platform will already do the rest. Sounds simple, but this is not the whole picture.


Basic Outline of Keywords.
There are still phases you have to go through to maximize the potential of Amazon SEO service. Primarily, you have to brainstorm and evaluate what phrases you will use in buying your products. You have to create a standard outline of word or phrases you will use if you are the buyer. Do not forget the synonyms of terms you have noted. No matter how many your products are, you need to do this brainstorming on each item.


Long-Tailed Keywords.

A one-word keyword does not seem to be the solution for a higher Amazon ranking.  Although you will have the chance to be in the search results after a buyer looks for “gloves,” it will never be your leeway to success. First, if you are a new seller and your product has just been added, anticipate that you will never be on the top. Amazon search engine will focus on putting best-selling items on the top, and take note that there are thousands of gloves around the platform. This simply results in nothing but poorer chances of being noticed by your customer.

You can further understand Amazon’s algorithm for product ranking with the article entitled “The Secret Truth About Amazon Product Ranking and Reviews.” The excerpt explains how the platform sorts the products in results’ pages.


Secondly, with broader Amazon keywords, the customer will likely click the first product and purchase it at once. Most people do not have time to evaluate each of the products generated by Amazon sales rank algorithm.


Alternatively, long tail keywords somehow imply that the customer knows what he or she is looking for. Instead of “gloves,” he or she will use “cut-resistant gray construction gloves.” Since the Amazon keyword research is more concentrated, the results will then be more directed to what he or she needs. This also shows that the buyer is ready to purchase at that very time.


Long tail keywords are often made of three or more words. They may be less competitive, but you can guarantee higher sales by using these words.


Build With Professional By Your Side. Given you have found the long tail keywords to relate with your product, it is a best to begin using the Display Planner of Google Adwords. You simply have to create an account to access the keyword-suggesting application. In case you do not prefer to create an account under Google Adwords, you have another option, which is Google Trends. This also provides you a list of keywords and related search queries for ideas.


In case you do not understand much about SEO Amazon keywords, you can let the professionals do the intricate work. It is just imperative for you to know that your initial brainstorming must be expended accordingly. By using service other than Amazon service, you can even find new directions and categories for your keywords. Building a value-filled list will be easier.


Working With Other Tools

As an additional strategy to select, pick, and implement keywords efficiently on your product listing, you should consider trying out other applications. It was mentioned earlier that a single tool, such as built-in search terms of Amazon, will never be enough to create a sales-driving keywords list. There are other applications that you take into consideration, such as the following:


Google Shopping Trends.
You do not need to pay a fee for keyword research right away. Even experts consider the utilization of available applications for keywords suggestions. Google Shopping Trends is one. It is a source that will provide you shopping-related results. The terms generated may be based on region, category, or both. You can also use it to find out highly used search queries in the most recent period.
This is an essential tool that will provide you a list of related search queries by simply putting in a word or phrase. You can even set the results targeted for Amazon. It also has search results for other platforms, such as YouTube, Yahoo!, and Bing among others.


Jungle Scout.
Unlike the other two applications provided above, this keyword generator has the capability to filter keywords that generate highest sales.


Success in the Proper Placement of Keywords

Amazon optimization is done not only through the correct selection of keywords, but also in the phrases’ implementation. Although Amazon SEO service does assist in giving you the right direction to create a substantial list of keywords, the placement may not be entirely explained.  Take note that there are too many places where you could put the phrases.

Obviously, to optimize Amazon listing of your products, you have to follow the direction of the platform. You should put keywords that the e-commerce site has designated for related words or phrases linked to the product. In every field available, there is a character limit of 50 as mentioned above. This only signifies that long tail keywords must at least be input. To attain a higher Amazon ranking, there are specifics you must follow when utilizing the fields provided by the site.

Primarily, you may use spelling variations of a keyword and synonyms. However, you should not repeat the words you have already listed. Do not use quotation marks or even commas when using the field’s remaining characters.

Now that you are done with the fields provided by Amazon, you may proceed with other areas for keyword utilization.


Given below are the following:


As a first-timer, you will find it absurd seeing a product title too long to read. There are cases that you can even describe the product names are illegible. If you only assess the construction of the phrases, you will pinpoint keywords, product type, color, and straightforward features in one. This is apparently intentional. Your purpose is to tell as much about your product through your title with the use of keywords.

It is true that the more keywords there are in your titles, the more your products will be discoverable. This does not mean that you have to abuse the use of keywords. It is important to avoid stuffing since Amazon still provides a soft recommendation of below 50 characters. If not, you should just avoid going over 200 characters.

You can further understand Amazon title for product  with the article entitled “Tips To Perfect Optimize Amazon Product Title Creation For Everything.” The excerpt explains how the platform sorts the products in results’ pages.


Features Section.
It is advisable to introduce your products in the most straight forward way. However, you must also incorporate keywords to make your product features optimized.  Dedicate the features section as a quick place where customers will find most relevant information about your product. Despite considering it a second to title optimization, it is still advised not to use keywords that will make the description of the items sounding awkward.


The features must still be readable and concise. Similar to the title, you should not be filled the section with a lot of keywords. There is no magic number on the keywords quantity. You simply have to determine if the distribution of the keywords is natural. If you will notice, grammar does not matter a lot in Amazon, but with tons of keywords, it will not be difficult to work on an understandable description.

It is also imperative not to repeat keywords. Amazon keyword optimization is different from Google’s. There is no advantage in using the word multiple times in the listing of your product. Once is enough for your items to rank.


Description Section.
This may be less important compared to the title and features section; it is still necessary to weave keywords in one area of it to another. However, similar to the title and features area, you are not required to repeat the keywords when optimizing the product listing. You do not need as many keywords as with the features or title. Description page already allows you to market your item in a more natural way.


Keyword research proved to be an essential part of optimizing Amazon product listing. If you are not well-versed with the process but serious in generating more sales, there is nothing more reliable than professionals in the field. Experts who have dealt with the same task will offer you more reasons to forecast an improvement in your product’s ranking. To prove this yourself, let the experts of HireForSEO help with your journey.





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